Hot Stix Golf is Distribution Partner of DnA Golf

by dnagolf on June 21, 2012

DnA Golf is proud to have Scottsdale-based Hot Stix Golf as one of their distribution channels.

Hot Stix Golf carries all of DnA Golf’s drivers (such as the detachable-face driver the Alpha 610 as well as the conventional welded-face designs). Hot Stix Golf uses their state-of-the-art performance center to custom fit individual golfers who purchase DnA drivers or for DnA Golf’s corporate customers.

“We are excited for Hot Stix Golf to join the DnA Golf team of distribution partners,” said Howard Lindsay, CEO of DnA Golf. “Hot Stix Golf shares our vision for customization and customer service as well as the opportunity to help us secure corporate customers. We think they’ll be a fantastic partner for DnA Golf.”

“The DnA drivers make very good use of technology that is easy to see and that is something golfers always love. Now with the affinity licensing it just made perfect sense to make them part of our fitting system and offer all DnA models to our clientele,” said Mike Helfrich, General Manager Hot Stix Golf.

DnA Golf’s unique market niche focuses on creating custom drivers for corporations, colleges and car brands, where customers become affinity marketing partners and the co-branded drivers from DnA Golf help these partners build brand loyalty and awareness…with a memorable connection to golfers.

This “co-branding” started with the Alpha 610 Driver through the integrations of a custom logo golf club on the crown of the club and has evolved to additional customization with heads, shafts, grips and head-covers all color matched to the unique colors of each corporation/brand or college team.

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