DnA Golf’s Revolutionary Detachable-Face Custom Golf Drivers

by dnagolf on June 13, 2012

DnA Golf’s revolutionary custom golf driver  was in development for over 7-years and began in 2002 when BMW asked DnA Golf’s parent company, VyaTek Sports, if they could design a driver worthy of their “Ultimate Driving Machine” tagline. Both the DnA Golf company and product were launched in September of 2009.

Howard Lindsay, Founder/CEO of DnA Golf said this in 2009, “This is an exciting time to birth a new golf company. Although the economic climate is a challenge, you cannot schedule this kind of innovation, therefore we made the leap of faith.”

DnA’s Alpha 610 driver, which can optimize distance and acoustics through detachable-faces, elastomeric face inserts and variable swing-weight screws, officially conforms with USGA Rules as of an April 15, 2010, when DnA Golf received the official ruling letter from the USGA.

This ruling was the culmination of discussions with the USGA, which began informally more than 2-years before the ruling. The formal submission/discussion process took nearly 6-months, which was longer than normal because DnA’s driver is so different from the conventional “norm”.

The technology behind this driver is patented, so DnA Golf is the only company authorized to sell detachable-face drivers. This feature helps golfers gain distance by selecting the optimum face for their unique swing. The technology also allows customers the option of selecting from three distinct sound or acoustic profiles …loud (A1), medium (A2) and quiet (A3).

Each DnA driver also includes a custom logo tastefully integrated into the crown of the club.

The detachable-face-technology is branded “DnA Technology“, where “DnA” has a dual meaning:

  • The technology allows the creation of drivers with customizable Distance & Acoustics (DnA) the two criteria most critical to driver performance.
  • This level of customization (distance, acoustics and co-branding) has never been available before in a driver and therefore each DnA driver carries its own unique DNA.

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